Bringing clarity and power to your message.


Here are three qualities I bring to the table:


I have 20+ years of professional writing experience.


I have created everything from press releases to ads to annual reports, brochures, video scripts, newsletters, and more.


Approximately 98.6 percent of my clients have been pleased with my work. (98.6 is normal for body temperature, but really good for customer satisfaction.)

In addition, I am adept in the ten areas listed on the Why hire a corporate writer? page. And here are a few others reasons to consider hiring me as a corporate writer:

  1. I focus on my clientsí needs. I listen well. I ask the right questions. I make sure I understand who the audience is, what their needs are, what they know (or think they know) about the subject Iíll be writing about. I always write with two things in mind: the purpose of your piece and the impact you want to have on your audience (that is, what you want them to think or do after theyíve read the piece).
  2. I write clear, crisp copy. Every word countsówhether the project is a 1-page ad or a 48-page annual report.
  3. Iím creative. I consider what will work best for your project. Note, though, that I use my creativity for a purpose: to more effectively produce the impact you want to have on your audience.
  4. Iím logical and well organized. Some creative types are not skilled in stepping back and seeing the big picture. For longer pieces, I love organizing a report, training manual, or video script to achieve maximum impact. No matter the length of the piece, I excel at thinking through the logical flow of the contents.
  5. I work well with people. Iím a people person; I communicate well (and as often as needed) with my clients. You will never be in the dark as to the status of your project. The client-corporate writer relationship is an enjoyable aspect of writing for me (and, I believe, for my clients as well!).
  6. Iím diligent. I keep on task; Iím professional in my approach to your project. I stay on course and do all within my power to stay within our timeline. I deliver what I say I will deliver. Most of all, I come through with a product that you will be happy with.
  7. Iím detail-oriented and thorough. Iím not perfectóbut you will find few errors in my first draft. I pay close attention to detail. (Sometimes, of course, that second set of eyes can pick up what the first set believes it saw.) Iím also thorough in my approach to the particulars of your message. If we need details or information that we donít have, I donít let it slide and settle for second best. I find the details we need.
  8. Iím a high-quality writer. I produce consistently high-quality work. My clients are pleased with my work. (You can see some of their testimonials here.)