Bringing clarity and power to your message.


If you want a high-quality bookóone that effectively expresses your message, immediately engages readers and doesnít let them go, has focus and energy and the impact you desire on your audienceóthen you should hire me. I make a living creating that type of book.

I have

  • 20+ years of professional writing experience;
  • written all or portions of more than 40 books;
  • written for individual clients, CEOs, and for an internationally known person whose book landed on the New York Times bestseller list in 2002; and
  • written books in these genres: memoir, Christianity, self-improvement, business, academia, coaching, and physical activity and fitness.

Nine reasons to consider hiring me as your ghostwriter include:

  1. I focus on my clientsí needs. I listen well. I ask the right questions. I make sure I understand who the audience is, what their needs are, what they know (or think they know) about the subject Iíll be writing about. I always write with two things in mind: the purpose of your book and the impact you want to have on your audience (that is, what you want them to think or do after theyíve read your book).
  2. Iím experienced. Iíve been a lifelong writer, and have been writing professionally for a long time. I worked for a publisher for 14 years before going full-time freelance. I know the art and craft of writing books.
  3. I write clear, crisp copy. I make your story or your message shine.
  4. Iím creative. I donít approach each book the same way. I consider what will work best for your book. Iím adept at writing scenes and dialogue, when appropriate, to bring your book to life. Iím also good at identifying special elements, sidebars, art, and other features that will enhance your book.
  5. Iím logical and well organized. Some creative types are not skilled in stepping back and seeing the big picture. I love organizing a bookís contents for maximum impact on readers. A disorganized book, no matter how great the message, will be lost on readers. I excel at thinking through the logical flow of the contents and do this at the outline stage.
  6. I work well with people. Iím a people person; I communicate well (and as often as needed) with authors. You will never be in the dark as to the status of your book. I listen well and focus on meeting your needs. The author-ghostwriter relationship is an enjoyable aspect of writing for me (and, I believe, for the authors as well!).
  7. Iím diligent. I keep on task; Iím professional in my approach to your book. I do all within my power to stay within our timeline. I deliver what I say I will deliver. Most of all, I come through with a product that you will be very happy with.
  8. Iím detail-oriented and thorough. Iím not perfectóbut you will find few errors in my first draft. I pay close attention to detail. (Sometimes, of course, that second set of eyes can pick up what the first set believes it saw.) Iím also thorough in my approach to the particulars of your story or message. If we need details or information that we donít have, I donít let it slide and settle for second best. I find the details we need.
  9. Iím a high-quality writer. I produce consistently high-quality work. All of my authors have been happy with their books. (You can see some of their testimonials under ďCompany.Ē)