Bringing clarity and power to your message.

Do you have a book, brochure, article, or other piece of writing that needs sharpening? I can help. I offer these services:

  • Writing coach
    Maybe youíve written a book, or an article, or youíre in the middle of a writing project, but donít know what to do next. Youíre stuck in the writing or in the next steps you need to take to get to the finish line. I can help; letís talk.
  • Manuscript evaluation
    Your manuscript is finished but youíre not sure itís ready for prime time. I can help you get it ready by providing a detailed report about what works, what could be improved, and how to improve it.
  • Content editing
    Youíre finished with your project but know it could be improved. You need someone to look at the big picture to see if the manuscript needs reorganizing. Perhaps some sections need rewriting, too. Content editing can significantly improve your book or writing project. Let me help you.
  • Copyediting
    Youíre fine with the organization of your manuscript, but you arenít so sure about the grammar, punctuation, and fine details. Let me copyedit your manuscript for you to get it ready for your publisher.

If youíre not sure what you need, Iíll assess your project for free and tell you what type of editing I think it needs. And Iíll give you a turnaround time and a quote.

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